Welcome to the forum! c:

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Welcome to the forum! c:

Post by PidgeyMuffin on Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:50 pm

Hi there!  Welcome to this RP forum site!  

I had created this forum a long time ago back in 2009 with a bunch of friends from high school just to kill time in class.  
After graduation in 2011 or so, we forgot about the site and I sorta killed it off. But now I renewed it so that friends of mine can come back to it!
I ended up nuking a lotta the stuff just so we could start over. (Plus there was a lotta spamming crap on it from bots. Bleh!)

Just to clear some confusion though!  I know this site says "Sonic X" but this is mostly going to be a crossover forum.
So don't be discouraged by the forum name!  c:

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