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Dark Pit

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Dark Pit  (or Black Pit)

Pittoo, Pittooey, Blapi

Angel (Clone if you want to be more accurate)


3 (in the events of Kid Icarus: Uprising) / About 2,500 (Actual Age) / 18 physically

It's speculated that Dark Pit was born during the Classical Period (500-336 BC) of Ancient Greece.

Date of birth:
March 22nd

Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit / The Mirror of Truth

5 feet 5 inches

140lbs (Most due to muscular build up)

Abilities and aptitude:
Dark Pit, true to his state as a clone, has a very similar fighting style to Pit. While he proves to be more aggressive, he can dodge, melee, shoot, and use a variety of weaponry like his rival. During Chapter 6, Pit must fight Dark Pit four times, on and off during the air battle, twice during land battle, and once as a boss battle. In the two randomly occurring duels, he uses an arsenal of different weapons, depending on where he is. The list below accounts for them:

First Blade: During fights with Pit and alongside Pit in air battles, he uses a First Blade.

EZ Cannon: Dark Pit uses this when at the temple on the hill. He will constantly barrage Pit with its shots.

Violet Palm: At the cliffside where the Cherubot is, Dark Pit uses this weapon.

Ogre Club: When underground, this is his weapon of choice. Use the pillars to avoid his powerful shots.

Dark Pit Staff: Dark Pit uses his trademark staff to snipe at Pit from atop the mountain.

Silver Bow: Used during his last fight in Chapter 6, his mini-boss fight in Chapter 13, and the land battle section in Chapter 21. His most used weapon.

During the last battle in Chapter 6, Dark Pit will use the Silver Bow. He will fire charged dash shots after getting up close, but sometimes he uses continuous fire. Dark Pit has the added advantage of inexhaustible flight, given to him by Pandora's remains. He will fly around on occasion, moving away from the platform. Aside from shooting, he has two new moves when doing this. First is the bow's special move, which sends down a rain of arrows. This engulfs an entire platform and can cause significant damage. Second is a charging attack, where he glows purple and charges at Pit.

When playing as Dark Pit in Chapter 22, he can use any weapon the player provides him with. He also shows the ability to use powers just as Pit can. While Pit will often shout Palutena's or Viridi's names when using a power, Dark Pit will say phrases such as "Come on!" or "Take this!" Dark Pit's indefinite Power of Flight also becomes apparent, as the player flies for most of the level, only landing for the boss battle with Pandora.

Transformations/Alternate forms:

Hobbies and talents:

After losing Pandora's powers, Dark Pit has to rely on the Power of Flight in order to fly. The Power of Flight can only has for five minutes.

Physical Appearance:
Dark Pit appears as a young teen with narrowed red eyes and short, black hair. His black chiton is decorated with purple and gold trimming, and it is fastened on the shoulder by a golden fibula with a purple gem in the center. He wears a purple belt with gold lining the edges and a gold, triangular buckle on his waist. He also wears black tights under his chiton, which are trimmed with gold. To adorn his outfit, Dark Pit has a pair of black and gold cuffs around his forearms, and singular gold rings on his upper left arm and right thigh. His black sandals are decorated with crossing, gold bands, and are edged at the top with gray fur.

With the exception of color, his appearance is almost entirely identical to Pit's. However, while Pit's wings are drawn to be rounder and "fuller," Dark Pit's wings are drawn to be sharper and narrower. This distinction only exists in his official art, and is never given attention in any of his in-game models..

Personality details:
As Dark Pit is the physical manifestation of Pit's dark side, Dark Pit is said to represent the repressed feelings that Pit keeps to himself. Dark Pit is significantly more serious than his jovial counterpart, often having a more dry sense of humor. Dark Pit is more arrogant and cocky, claiming to be the original Pit. He is also more aggressive and pragmatic than Pit, often striking opponents when their guard is down. Dark Pit proves to be sharper than Pit, possessing more common sense. This is shown when he deduces that it would take more than one soul to create an Underworld monster.

Dark Pit's most notable trait is his independent streak. As the Mirror of Truth was destroyed before the process could be complete, Dark Pit becomes a neutral character, refusing to side with any of the gods. This is shown when he defies Pandora, and flat out refuses Medusa's offer for an alliance. In Chapter 22, he even openly calls out the gods for their selfishness, claiming that they are no better than humans as their wars throw the world off balance.

During the Chaos Kin arc, Dark Pit's personality begins to progressively change. Once he realizes that if Pit dies, he would die as well, he becomes Pit's closest ally, fighting side by side to aid him in rescuing Palutena's soul. When Pit sacrifices himself to save Dark Pit, he is determined to save Pit at all costs, though it is possible that he still acts out of selfishness to keep his own life. Because Dark Pit seems to care for Pit yet remains belligerent towards him, he and Pit share an incoherent relationship.

Historical biography:
His origin occurred in Chapter 5 after being manufactured from the Mirror of Truth just as Pit destroys it. Though Pandora arranged his creation and intended to have him finish Pit for her, it turned out the Mirror of Truth cracked in the middle of the process, thus making Dark Pit a free agent. After battling her alongside Pit, Dark Pit knocks him away before absorbing what remained of the dying Pandora's powers to obtain an unlimited Power of Flight.

While being chased by Pit and the Underworld Army, Dark Pit sees himself to be the true Pit as he embodies the original's true feelings. This fact also makes Dark Pit an enemy of Medusa and her army as he battles Pit before escaping. He later reappears to indirectly help Pit by taking out Underworld troops and the Underworld Gatekeeper.

In the aftermath of the Aurum invasion, Pit's soul was sealed in a ring, leaving Dark Pit in a coma for three years. After Pit regains his body, Dark Pit comes to and realizes he and Pit share a special connection. Dark Pit then resolves to save Palutena by borrowing the Lightning Chariot and slamming it into the closing portal to the Chaos Vortex, allowing him and Pit to chase after the Chaos Kin. Though the two manage to defeat it, the Chaos Kin's burnt body made a final attempt on Dark Pit's life, leading Pit to sacrifice his wings to save him.

Wanting to help Pit, Dark Pit heads to the City of Souls in order to reach the Rewind Spring while he and the goddesses learn of Hades's true plan. However, upon arriving to his destination, Dark Pit loses his ability to fly when what remained of Pandora emerges from him and uses the Rewind Spring to regain her true physical form. After defeating Pandora, Dark Pit uses the waters to restore Pit's wings, then attempts to fly away but fails, causing Viridi to step in and save him.

During the first showdown with Hades, Dark Pit senses Pit is in danger, and once again borrows the Lightning Chariot. After viewing the explosion of Hades's Heart, he sends the chariot bursting through Hades's chest and rescues Pit. Before Hades can capture them, Palutena extracts them and the Lightning Chariot in the nick of time.

After Pit defeats Hades, Palutena grants Dark Pit the Power of Flight, allowing him to fly alongside Pit into the sunset. During the Smash Bros tournaments, Viridi reveals that he has joined the Forces of Nature after the events of Uprising due to their interests being similar.

Personal information:
Greatest friend(s): Pit (also rival)

Other friend(s):  Viridi, Palutena (really hates her calling him Pittoo though), Phosphora, Arlon

Rival(s): Pit

Enemy(s): Hades, Medusa, The Underworld Army



Favorite food(s):

Commander in the Forces of Nature

Place of residence:
Somewhere in Skyworld

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